Old South Company
About Us

About Us:

Old South Company was founded in 1985 by James Jay McCracken, Jr.

Jim started in the paper and packaging industry in 1959 as a salesman in western Illinois. For over 25 years Jim built a successful territory. In 1982 Jim was offered a new opportunity in Texas and continued his success in the Dallas market. In 1985 Jim founded Old South Company, a manufacturers rep organization. For over 10 years Jim and his wife Donna established relationships and friendships that set a strong foundation for their company and their prosperity.

In 1995, Jim brought on the second generation and Jay McCracken joined Old South Company to usher in the next chapter. With continued success and his desire for knowledge & growth Jay has been instrumental in taking the family business to the next level.

In 2001, Michael McCracken, Jim's second son, joined to further establish and enhance the future into the new millennium.

In 2014, Jay brought on his oldest son, David Greener, to garner in the third generation and is proving that the family business will continue to succeed and has been a great investment to OSC.

And most recently in 2015, we were able to also bring on board Jay's youngest son, James to help further strengthen the company as we continue our growth and accomplishments.

Our Mission:

The Mission of Old South Company is to provide distributors with Retail, Industrial, and Food Service Packaging Solutions from Leading Manufacturers at a competitive cost, with an emphasis on Customer Service to Create Partnerships along with Friendships.

Company Core Values:

Being a Family business, when we refer to company values, it is a code that follows us in and outside of the office. OSC is the machine and lifeblood that has fueled and protected us for over 30 years. This is who we are and what we strive for.
  • Are Advocates for our Customers and Vendors
  • Do What is Right
  • Are Loyal
  • Are Honest
  • Show Respect
  • Are Friends to all
  • Strive to be the Best
  • Encourage Questions
  • Represent Inclusion
  • Build Partnerships
  • Are Patient
  • Work Hard



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